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IoT Sensor System
The CognIoT™ IoT Sensor System uses the Raspberry Pi as the internet gateway. Sensors are attached to the Pi and collect measurements. The data from the sensors can be fed to the cloud for viewing via an Android application.

You can keep track of the temperature of your bee hive or see which chickens have returned to the coop for the night with just a few finger taps.

The iCogs™ are intelligent sensors with the same physical interface. Different sensors are available to measure temperature, humidity, light, pressure and acceleration.
Break Out boards interface the Raspberry Pi™ to iCog™ sensors. The Raspberry Pi's™ I2C, SPI and UART ports are brought out to convienent connectors.
To help you get started CognIoT™ provide example software that show you how to drive the iCog™ sensors.