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RFID Solutions
The essential elements of an RFID system are the Reader and the tags. The Reader is miss-named because it does the reading and writing operations.

CognIoT™ offer RFID Readers and tags supporting 2 main standards - 125KHz RFID and NFC.

These CognIoT™ Readers support 125KHz RFID (right) and NFC RFID (left).
Tags come in many varities. The cheapest are just a unique ID number. Some have user memory that can be read and written. Tags with a monetary value often have more advanced security features. CognIoT™ offer a range of tags and are able to supply custom tags if there is something you want that is not shown here

Specialist tags such as these bird tags are available for the 125KHz standard. If you need something you do not see here please Contact Us. There is always a solution!