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iCog Sensors
The iCog™ sensors are easily interchangeable with each other. Every iCog™ sensor uses the same 6-pin 0.1" connector. NOTE: iCog sensors are shipped with the connector not assembled. The 6-pin, through hole connector is easily soldered in place.

All iCogs™ use an ID-IoT chip that contains a unique number. Every sensor can be identified using this number.

The iCogs™ have their own EEPROM that identifies the type of sensor to the software on the Pi. Additional EEPROM is provided for the user application.
• Interrupt output available
• 16-bit resolution
• 4 ranges
0.015 to 1000 Lux
0.06 to 4000 Lux
0.24 to 16000 Lux
0.96 to 64000 Lux
• -40oC to +85oC
• Ambient and Infrared light
• Self calibrating
• 11us to 90ms conversion rates
• Interrupt when light outside limits
• Close to human eye response
• 16-bit data
• 0 - 100% relative humidity
• ±4.5% accurate over 20% to 80% RH
• High relative humidity sensitivity - 0.004% rH/LSB
• Temp Accuracy: ± 0.5°C over 15 to 40°c
• Temp range -40°C to 120°C
• 16-bit ADC and output data
• Output data rate from 1Hz to 12.5Hz.
• 3-axis accelerometer
• 12-bit resolution
• Interrupt on pre-programmed inertial events.
• ±2g, ±4g and ±8g dynamically selectable full scale ranges
• 4 channels of motion detection - freefall, motion, pulse and transient
• Portrait/landscape detection with programmable hysteresis
• 32-sample FIFO
• 1024 counts/g
• Low-pass and high-pass filters modes.
• 20KPA to 110KPA
• Fully Compensated
• 24-bit equivalent ADC resulting in 0.1 metre of effective resolution
• Direct Reading
Pressure: 20-bit in Pascals
Altitude: 20-bit in metres
Temperature: 12-bit in °C
• Programmable Interrupts
• Embedded FIFO allows data logging