iCog Temperature and Humidity Sensor

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Temperature & Humidity Sensor and ID-IoT chip

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The iCog Temperature and Humidity sensor uses the ST Microelectronics HTS221 capacitive digital sensor to measure temperature and humidity. Users should consult the ST HT221 datasheet for more information about the sensor.

CognIoT™ iCog™ sensor boards come fitted with an ‘ID-IoT’ system chip. This is an EEPROM with 1kbytes of user storage (for calibration data etc.).  The ID-IoT chip contains a unique 32-bit number to identify the sensor board.

All iCogs are provided with a 6-pin header. The user can solder this to the iCog and use any of the CognIoT break-out boards to connect to the Pi.

iCog Temperature and Humidity Sensor

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