Turn your Raspberry Pi into an intelligent data collector using the 125KHz RFID Reader.

 Installed without any additional drivers, the  Reader uses existing facilities on the Raspberry Pi to link to a RFID module and detect the presence of RFID tags.  Example software shows how to setup the  Reader and how to monitor the RFID tags.  The uses are endless – what will you design with the 125KHz RFID Reader?

The 125KHz RFID Reader focuses on being easy to use. There are no libraries to download and compile and the reader will start to work as soon as its plugged into the Pi.

Communication is via the Pi’s UART so not even a low level driver is required to get the Reader up and running. The Reader provides a powerful command structure through the Pi’s UART allowing the Pi full control of its extensive capabilities.

Key Features
Sample Commands
  • Read tag serial number
  • Read/Write blocks and pages
  • Mode select for Hitag 1/S, Hitag 2, EM400X/4102 or MCRF2001/12