The Long-Range RFID reader for the Raspberry Pi is a complete read and write solution for iCode smart labels solutions. iCode is a sub-set of the NFC group of tags. It supports multiple tags in the same field at the same time.

The readers is based on the ST25R3911 and uses the ST Microelectronics libraries which provide examples to read and write all of the 5 types of NFC tags. The user could use this RFID reader to read and write all NFC tagslabels.

iCode tags can be accessed at from a longer range than many of the other NFC types of tags. With the PCB antenna on the range is typically 8-12cm for a 5x5cm label tag.

The Long-Range Reader is supplied with iCode label tags.

The Reader comes with an option for a large picture frame antenna. This increases the range to about 25-30cm for the same 5x5cm label tag.

The iCode standard supports a number of security options including privacy modes, write locks and label destroy.

Long Range RFID Reader Kit

Long Range RFID Reader Kit with large antenna