Multi-Serial Break-Out board for Raspberry Pi …

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Multi-Serial Break-Out Board for Raspberry Pi. Provides easy access to I2C, SPI and UART ports of the Raspberry Pi. 0.1″ pitch connection for easy soldering. Connectors supplied for self assembly

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The Multi-Serial I/O adapter from CognIoT brings the UART, I2C and SPI ports to convenient 0.1″ connections. Raspberry Pi add-ons that require any of the serial ports can be easily connected via the Multi-Serial I/O adapter. • All of the headers have 3.3V and GND as well as the signals of the port. • The I2C port has footprints (0603) for user-fit optional pull-ups on SCL and SDA • The Raspberry Pi 26-pin header and the chip select pin header are supplied ready for the user to solder to the adapter board. • The CS (chip select) signal for the SPI port can be selected at SPI_CS0 or SPI_CS1 from pins 24 and 26 of the Pi header.

Multi-Serial Break-Out board for Raspberry Pi …

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