RFID Reader Kit (125KHz) for Raspberry Pi

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125KHz RFID Reader Kit for Raspberry Pi . Sample tags included. Antenna included. Example software available.

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Now in new format  – 40pin connector and sized for the Pi-Zero
Turn your Raspberry Pi into an intelligent data collector using the 125KHz RFID Reader Kit. The Reader offers one of the best OOB (out of box) experiences for Pi based RFID readers. By using the UART of the Pi for communication and the built in intelligence of the Reader the user is able to operate the Reader without the need for libraries to be downloaded and compiled onto the Pi. Example software shows how to setup the 125KHz RFID Reader and how to monitor the RFID tags. The uses are endless – what will you design with the 125KHz RFID Reader? The Pi RFID Reader supports Hitag 1, Hitag S256/S2048 (RTF/Plain Memory mode), Hitag 2 (Password mode), EM400X/4102 and MCRF200/123 passive RFID transponder types. The kit includes a 770 µH antenna coil  to be a fully featured read/write system. The reader is intelligent and performs reading and writing of tags independently of the Pi. A green LED indicates a read of a valid tag/card. Antenna problems (broken, shorted or even badly tuned) are detected and indicated by the red LED output “flashing” continuously. Correct operation can be confirmed without anything running on the Pi. • Great OOB (out-of-box) experience o Intelligent Reader – No need for low level drivers to be downloaded and compiled. o LED indicates tag read • Flexible support for different tag formats. o Hitag 1, Hitag S256/S2048 (Plain memory model), Hitag 2 (Password mode) • Powerful RF capability o External Antenna for optimum antenna placement with up to 15cm range  Adaptive sampling continually adjusts and re-tunes the antenna • Fast Operation o Reads 4 bytes from Hitag 1/S/2 in <100ms • Sample Commands o Read tag serial number o Read/Write blocks and pages o Mode select for Hitag 1/S, Hitag 2, EM400X/4102 or MCRF2001/12

RFID Reader Kit (125KHz) for Raspberry Pi

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