I2C Break-Out board for Raspberry Pi …

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I2C Break-Out Board for Raspberry Pi. Provides easy access to I2C port of the Raspberry Pi . 0.1″ pitch connection for easy soldering. Simple 4-pin I2C plus power or 6-pin with 2 GPIO. Self Assembly of connectors

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The I2C serial Adapter from CognIoT brings the I2C port from the Raspberry Pi to convenient 0.1″ connections. Two different headers are provided, one has I2C and power, the second adds 2 GPIO ports from the Raspberry Pi to accommodate any interrupt signals from an I2C device. • All of the headers have 3.3V and GND as well as the signals of the port. • SCL and SDA have the footprints (0603) for optional, user-fit pull-up resistors. • The Raspberry Pi 26-pin header is supplied ready for the user to solder to the adapter board. • Part Number: PibOIc

I2C Break-Out board for Raspberry Pi …

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Dimensions 4 × 2 × 0.5 cm


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